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  • San AntonioWaste Disposal Logo

    Neighborhood Friendly Dumpsters!!!!

    Bin There Dump That is a fantastic service! Their dumpsters come in a variety of dumpster sizes and scheduling the pick up/ drop off is very easy to co-ordinate. I live on a pretty narrow street, and Bin There Dump that easily managed without any damage to the street or my driveway. I highly recommend them to anyone who is planning a demolition.
    - George
  • WhitbyBin Rental Logo

    Whitby Bin Rental

    Very pleased with the bin rental service we received from Bin There Dump That in Whitby. Very professional and reasonably priced. Thank you.
    - Carlton Grant
  • WinnipegDumpster Logo

    Bin Rental-Winnipeg

    If you are looking to rent a large bin for a home renovation project, this would be the company to call. I found them to be very professional and they were able to answer all of the questions that I had about their services. After dealing with Bin There Dump That, there is no other company that I would go to for any of my bin rental needs. Thank you
    - Jordan
  • TorontoLocksmith Logo

    Locksmith Service

    I had the chance to use the services of Dr. Locksmith in Toronto. They came to my business location shortly after my phone call. The lady I spoke with on the phone was very pleasant and knowledgeable about their locksmith service. The locksmith technician who came was very pleasant and easy to work with. I used their locksmith services and actually referred them to a few other business owners I know in the Toronto area.
    - Carlton Grant
  • LondonBin Rental Logo

    Bin There Dump That London

    When it comes to renting dumpsters for junk removal, I absolutely recommend Bin There Dump That to my London neighbours. They have been incredibly easy to deal with and are quite reasonable when your are scheduling your drop off/pick up times. I recently used their service to clear out the (seemingly) hundreds of paint cans that clutter my garage, and all of the excess garbage that takes up all of our space. The dumpsters were of great quality, and didn't leave any marks behind on my driveway.
    - Libby K.